Rug Washing and reproofing

Rug Proof by Nikwax

Rug Proof

Wash-in waterproofing for all horse rugs. Adds water-repellency and revives breathability.

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Rug Wash by Nikwax

Rug Wash

Wash-in cleaner for all horse rugs
Safely revitalises insulation and water repellency. If a breathable waterproof rug loses its water repellency, it will suffer a severe reduction in its ability to breathe. This will lead to a build up of condensation on the inside of the rug so the horse will become clammy, cold and uncomfortable. Always use Nikwax Rug Wash for cleaning breathable waterproof horse rugs.

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Rugproof Spray 1 litre by Gold Label

Rugproof Spray 1 litre

An easy to apply liquid preparation for reproofing all types of waterproof rugs. Does not stiffen material.

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Rug Wash Bag by Moorland Rider

Rug Wash Bag

Rug wash bag for use in the washing machine to prevent your filter getting clogged with hair!

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