Cool Boots

Cool Leg Boots

Cool Leg Boots

Sizes: Medium or Large.
Cool treatment draws blood to the area, bringing with it nutrients and oxygen. This promotes healing and removes toxins.

Directions for use of Cool Leg products:

Soak Cool Legs in cold water for up to 60 minutes . The crystals will turn into a soft, comfortable cooling gel. Fasten the Cool Leg Wrap using the comfortable stretch hook&loop fastening straps, which can be trimmed to give the ideal fit. Leave on for 20 minutes. They can be applied for 20 minutes every two hours. The Cool Legs will stay cool for days. For colder treatment put in a bag, in the fridge (do not freeze) and apply, and where heat treatment is needed, soak in warm water and apply.

 Once fitted, they:

  • Sooth and aid pain relief

  • Help to reduce swelling

  • Increase blood circulation and assist healing

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Hot Chilly Leg Wraps

Hot Chilly Leg Wraps

The leg wrap is perfect for use after strenuous exercise or injury. Can be used hot or cold.

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PolyPad Bandage Rappas by Polypads

PolyPad Bandage Rappas

Bandage Rappas (Pair) Providing optimum protection and warmth in the stable. They make a perfect covering for legs suffering from mud fever as the absorbent towelling lining can be placed directly on the sores or scabs without causing discomfort. Are also ideal for covering other leg injuries to help keep dressings clean and dry. A clever hook and loop fixing follows the contours...

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PolyPad Polar Rappas by Polypads

PolyPad Polar Rappas

Polar Rappa© *** The Ultimate Leg Cooling Therapy *** Flexible & comfortable Polar Rappas© are simple to apply and cannot be over tightened. They come in a twin pack made up of the following two components The Rappa© Custom-designed leg wraps made with a Polycotton outer, quilted to a fibre core with a cotton rich towel lining and an integral pocket for...

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Tubbease Horse Sock by Liveryman

Tubbease Horse Sock

Tough breathable rubber dipped sock, specially developed in New Zealand by two of the country's leading vet and accredited farrier.
Helps tackle the issue of foot poulticing without weakening or softening the hoof.

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Equi-n-ice by


Equi-N-Ice, Available in a Bandage and 1l Spray to recharge the Bandage. Cooling Liquid and Bandage

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NAF Ice Cool 3 kilo by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Ice Cool 3 kilo

Ice Cool is a highly effective instant cooling clay containing a blend of natural clays, together with Witch Hazel & Arnica, both well known for their naturally astringent qualities. Ice Cool Naturally cools, soothes and tightens sore, tired legs and tendons after strenuous exercise. Ice Cool is both easy to apply and even easier to wash off!

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