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Breastplate Attachments by Saracen Bridles

Breastplate Attachments

Running: Pony, Cob, FS, XFS.
Standing: Pony, Cob, FS.
Colours: Black, Havana.
Quality English Bridlework - Made in Walsall

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Breastplate With Running Attachment by Saracen Bridles

Breastplate With Running Attachment

Available in Pony and Cob 3/4" wide and
FS and XFS 1" wide.
Colours: Black, Havana.
Quality English Bridlework - M &

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Economy Breastplate & Running Attachment by Castle

Economy Breastplate & Running Attachment

Castle Breastplate & Running Attachment 
Sizes: Pony, Cob, FS. 
Colours: Black, Havana.

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Five Point Breastplate by Saracen Bridles

Five Point Breastplate

Sizes: Cob, FS    
Colour: Havana


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Economy 5 Point Breastplate by Cameo

This five point breastplate has been designed using strong, yet super soft leather and elastic for ultimate comfort.

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Leather Crupper by Saracen Bridles

Leather Crupper

Sizes: Pony, Cob/FS.
Colour: Black, Havana.

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