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Ultimate Tack Cleaner by Gold Label

Ultimate Tack Cleaner

For the effectiev removel of dirt, grease and sweat from leather and synthetic tack.This new anti fungal formula can prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Use as first part of a cleaning regime and follow with the ultimate glycerin conditioner spray


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NAF Leather Quick Clean 500ml by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Leather Quick Clean 500ml

This quick tack cleaner makes easy work of cleaning dirty leather. Simply spray directly on to soiled leather and effortlessly wipe away grease, sweat and dirt. When cleaning heavily soiled tack allow to soak on the surface of the leather for a few minutes before wiping off. Quick drying. Will not rot stitching or cause excessive drying out.

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Ultimate Glycerin Conditioner Spray by Gold Label

Ultimate Glycerin Conditioner Spray

Helps Protect and moisturise leather after cleaning.Contains coconut oil, glycerin and citronella oil


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Effax Leather Balsam by Effax

Effax Leather Balsam

Effax Leather Balsam has remarkable nutritive and protecting properties,which will keep the leather supple and gives high tear resistance. Optimally suited to leathers such as lanolin,high quality oils and waxes. 500ml

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Horsemans One Step Cream by Absorbine

Horsemans One Step Cream

Horseman's One Step Cream Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, which lifts Dirt & Sweat. pH Balanced, rich in lanolin to recondition leather, Use regularly to restore dry/cracked leather 425g/15oz

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Hydrophane Leather Dressing 500ml by Misc Potions and Lotions

Hydrophane Leather Dressing 500ml

The unique formula of  Hydrophane Leather Dressing, with its waterproofing action protects new leather renovates old and enables mud and sweat to be easily removed with cold water.

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NAF Leather Balsam Sheerluxe 400g by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Leather Balsam Sheerluxe 400g

The smooth gel can be easily applied with either a hoof brush, soft cloth or by hand.

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NAF Leather Soft Soap 450g by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Leather Soft Soap 450g

A unique, soft formula to clean and enrich leatherwork. Lifts dirt and grease from the leather while softening leather. For a complete finish, allow to dry and polish surface of leather with a soft, dry cloth.

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NAF Leather Solid Soap 250g by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Leather Solid Soap 250g

A much favoured, traditional saddle soap to soften and condition leather. Ideal for use on all saddlery and harness. After use allow leather to dry, then buff with a dry, soft cloth for a polished finish.

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NAF Sheerluxe Leather Cleanse by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Sheerluxe Leather Cleanse

Care for your tack with this deep cleansing solution which cleans and supples leather in one easy step. Leaves a non sticky, natural finish.

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