Equishave by Smart Tails


Smart Grooming equishave, to safely shave muzzles. A must have for the show season!

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S57VESC Tack Box with Strap by W B Stubbs

S57VESC Tack Box with Strap

Veterinary Box with has a hasp type fastener which can take a padlock.

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Grooming Kit Box by Castle

Grooming Kit Box

Colours: Navy/Raspberry, Royal/Sky

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Tray Cover by Vale Brushes

Tray Cover

Colours: Black, Blue, Red

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Norton Grooming Organiser Bag by Ekkia

Norton Grooming Organiser Bag

Medium Multi Pocket Organiser bag for all your grooming accessories L 28cm, W 18cm, H 25cm Available in Black/Grey, Purple

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KBF Brushes by Vale Brushes

KBF Brushes

Kills Bacteria Fast

Colour: Black/Grey

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Face Clean Brush

Face Clean Brush

The face brush is soft and comfortable for the sensitive skin around your horses face. This wood back collection of brushes feature densely-packed natural bristles brass tacks and smooth varnished backs.

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Plastic Hoof Clean Brush by Equerry

Plastic Hoof Clean Brush

Plastic backed stiff fibre hoof brushes make quick work of cleaning hooves.

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NAF Wash and Show All Horses by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Wash and Show All Horses

Care for your horse's coat with this rich, conditioning shampoo.

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2-in-1 Shampoo And Conditioner by Absorbine

2-in-1 Shampoo And Conditioner

Deep cleans and revitalises the coat, mane and tail in one easy step.

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