C107 Headcollar by Castle

C107 Headcollar

Sizes: Shetland, Pony, Cob, FS.
Colours: Black, Navy, Red, Royal, Pink, Purple
XFS available but in Black and Navy only.

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USG Padded Headcollar by USG

USG Padded Headcollar

The Usg Padded Headcollar is a quality headcollar with stainless steel buckle and a throatlash clip.

In Pony , Cob ,Full Pink/Slate , Black/Grey , Navy/Brown Purple, Navy , Grey with a flecked two colour edging

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Fleece Headcollar by Cameo

Fleece Headcollar

Pony, Cob, Full Burgundy Navy, Black

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Fieldsafe Headcollar by Cameo

Fieldsafe Headcollar

Black, Navy -Pony, Cob , Full Any horse wearing a headcollar while unattended such as in a field or stable can potentially get into trouble with the headcollar becoming caught. The Cameo Field-safe headcollar protects a horse from injury by using a safety Velcro strap that releases in emergency situations. Re-usable.

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Eco Leather Headcollar by Castle

Eco Leather Headcollar

Smart, quality economy leather headcollar.

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Equisoft Cushion Web Headcollar by Eclipse

Equisoft Cushion Web Headcollar

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full size

Colours: Black, Purple/Lilac

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Rope Halter by USG

Rope Halter

Knotted Lightweight Rope Halter Size Cob/Full

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Rope Controller Halter by Libbys

Rope Controller Halter

Designed to help train and control more difficult horses by applying pressure to the poll and nose areas. This product has helped hundreds of Libbys customers over the years, a customer favourite! Made with a 12mm soft-touch rope - Which tightens when pulled from the bottom ring. Sizing Guide is as follows (Top Nose Rope) PONY = 27cm (10") COB/FULL = 34cm (13") EXTRA...

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Nylon Foal Headcollar by Eclipse

Nylon Foal Headcollar

Size: Foal

Colours: Black, Navy

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Nylon Foal Headcollar by Libbys

Nylon Foal Headcollar

Foal Headcollars, made from 19mm soft strong webbing.

Available in Black, Navy and Red

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