Lungeing & Schooling

Training or Balance System by Waldhausen

Training or Balance System

The balance system is designed to encourage the horse/pony to come off the forehand and work through the back bringing the hindquarters underneath to find balance and flexibility. It should be used as part of the daily training routine <

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Fleece Breaking Roller by Castle

Fleece Breaking Roller

Padded and fleece lined with adjustment straps on
both sides. Ten well positioned rings for use with side reins, long reins and other training aids. 

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Nylon Lungeing Cavesson by Castle

Nylon Lungeing Cavesson

Sizes: Pony.
Colour: Black.
Soft, comfortable and strong lunge cavesson. Fully adjustable with 3 rings on noseband to allow lunging on either rein.

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Soft Web Lunge Rein by Castle

Soft Web Lunge Rein

8 metre soft web lunge rein with swivel trigger hook.
Colours: Black, Navy, Royal Blue

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Cotton Lunge Rein by Castle

Cotton Lunge Rein

Size: 8 metres.
Colours: Black.
Soft cotton lunge rein with split leather hand grip and stops.

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Nylon lunge Rein by Castle

Nylon lunge Rein

Colours: Black, Brown.
1" nylon web lunge rein with trigger hook, 8 metres long.

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Nylon Side Reins by Eclipse

Nylon Side Reins

Colours: Black, Brown.
Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Standard.
1" nylon side reins with elasticated sides, and buckle and eylets.

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Anti Grazing or Grass Reins by Eclipse

Anti Grazing or Grass Reins

Sizes: One Size Fits All.
Colours: Black, Brown.

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German Training Reins by Castle

German Training Reins

Colour: Black.
One size only.
Elastic training aid made from 6mm tubular elastic with adjustment on the poll. To fit, the elastic passes through the bit and clips on to either the

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Market Harborough by Castle

Market Harborough

Sizes: Pony, Cob, FS.
Colours: Black, Havana.
Market Harborough with continental reins.

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