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Jolly Tug Equine Ball by Horsemens Pride

Jolly Tug Equine Ball

The Jolly Tug Equine Ball 35 cm Colours Red, Blue, Green

Inflatable Ball to relieve boredom. Anti burst construction for horses with rope inside the handles. Machine washable cover.

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Jolly Snack Combo by Horsemens Pride

Jolly Snack Combo

Jolly Snack Combo holds a snack and has a ball hanging underneath to relieve stall boredom.

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Jolly Amazing Graze by Horsemens Pride

Jolly Amazing Graze

Toy to relieve boredom. Dispenses treats when rolled around.

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Sweet Lick Holder

Sweet Lick Holder

Sweet Lick Holder

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S33 Foal Feeder by W B Stubbs

S33 Foal Feeder

Mount this at foal height and the mare cannot access the simple release clip below which makes cleaning for foal hygiene easy. The bars are fully adjustable to exclude various sized mares, yet allow their foal access to the desired feed/supplement. Brown STUBBYTHENE manger housed in a strong steel frame with rounded corners for safety. Wall bracket is included. Steelwork bright zinc plated.

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S261M Dressage Markers Double Sided by W B Stubbs

S261M Dressage Markers Double Sided

Displaying the letter on two sides at 60 degree to each other for the more prestigious requirement.

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S57VESC Tack Box with Strap by W B Stubbs

S57VESC Tack Box with Strap

Veterinary Box with has a hasp type fastener which can take a padlock.

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S462 Mega Mover Chip Fork by W B Stubbs

S462 Mega Mover Chip Fork

Lightweight yet strong chip fork

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S421 Horsey Ball by W B Stubbs

S421 Horsey Ball

Colours Blue, Pink, Purple
The simplest and most robust ball on the market, there is just one hole which capably handles easy filling and slow discharge.

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