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Red Handled Shaving Forks by Fynalite Forks

Red Handled Shaving Forks

Versatile Tool
Why the Shavings Fork is a world beater:
  • Spring steel tines are designed to be flexible in order to follow the floor of the bed and then to return into place
  • Designed to allow shavings to fall through the tines whilst leaving the manure behind making valuable savings in bedding costs

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Superlite Shaving Fork by Fynalite Forks

Superlite Shaving Fork

The new  fork is specially designed for smaller users. With its shorter handle and narrower head, this lightweight fork it is the perfect size for shorter adults and taller children.

Many people find that a standard adult stable fork is too long and wieldy and a junior fork is however too short. We have developed a fork which is both shorter in length and features a narrower head to reduce the weight. This lightweight fork reduces back strain and makes mucking out a breeze!

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Junior Shavings Fork by Fynalite Forks

Junior Shavings Fork

This fork is a scaled down version of the popular Shavings fork for the younger user. Because an enthusiasm for riding often starts at an early age, a smaller and more appropriate fork was designed to meet children's needs. This allows them to become more involved and helps establish good practise and responsibility for the horse. It is also an important breakthrough for parents as mucking out can be left to the kids! It is also very popular with smaller users and ladies.

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Groovy Forks by Fynalite Forks

Groovy Forks

Special Edition
Groovy pink head with silver handle
Light in weight
Designed to make mucking out easy
Available in Adult and Junior sizes

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Muck Fork by Fynalite Forks

Muck Fork

High Tensile Steel Handles
Gives the fork superior strength yet are far lighter than a mild steel alternative. High tensile handles are 40% stronger than mild steel ones as used by other manufacturers (as per tube manufacturers' specifications)

High Carbon Forged Steel Heads
Best quality high carbon forged heads designed for long life and strength. Less likely to snap, shatter or bend.

Fyna-Lite manure forks are well-balanced and easy to use. This is due to a combination of a light yet strong handle that has been set at the correct angle. Remember; people who actually use the forks also designed them!

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Multi Mucka by Fynalite Forks

Multi Mucka

The MULTI MUCKA STABLE FORK is the only professional stable tool that has been designed to operate on all types of bedding. No other stable product is capable of this!
One Fork For All Bedding Types
The Fyna-Lite Multi Mucka Stable Fork is designed to work on all bedding types:
  • Chopped straw
  • Flax
  • Hemp (Aubiose)
  • Shredded paper
  • Straw
  • Chopped cardboard
  • Wood shavings

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Rubber Matting Fork by Fynalite Forks

Rubber Matting Fork

Rounded tines pick up manure and wet bedding, but will not damage the rubber matting in the stable. Available with fibregalss or high tensile steel handles.

Versatile Tool
Advanced features of the Rubber Matting Fork:
  • Designed to pick up manure and wet bedding, without damaging the rubber matting in the stable
  • Strong, light and easy to use
  • Allows the operator to easily rebuild and shape the bedding in the stable
  • Perfectly balanced - makes mucking out less back breaking!
  • Tough long lasting finish

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Multi Weeda Ragwort Fork by Fynalite Forks

Multi Weeda Ragwort Fork

The essential tool for effective pasture maintenance and in the battle for control of nuisance weeds such as Ragwort, Thistle, Dandelion and Nettles.

The MULTI WEEDA is designed to remove these weeds with the minimum of fuss and damage to the ground.

Early attention
The need for early action is vital because the problem can very quickly get out of hand. The earlier the removal of these weeds is tackled, the easier it is to remove the whole weed before they seed or the root system becomes too established.

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Mini Mucka by Fynalite Forks

Mini Mucka

Available in Pink or Blue.
Fyna-Lite Mini Mucka Shavings forks is a fully functioning fork designed for the very young user (5 to 8 years).
Its special lightweight construction allows children to learn good stable management practise at an early age with ease.

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