Electric Fencing

DP350B Fencing Energiser by Fenceman

DP350B Fencing Energiser

Battery energizer alternative power sources
4 D Cell Batteries included or use a 12 volt battery
Earth Stake included

Ideal for: Paddock, Strip graze, gardens

Battery: 6 volt & 12 volt
Mains: 240 volt
Solar power: 12 volt

Adjustable pulse rate from 20-60 pulses per minute
Increased energy output when operated from 12 volt.

2 Year guarantee

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Fenceman CP450 Energiser by Fenceman

Fenceman CP450 Energiser

Requires 12v Lead-acide Battery,Has 4x 1.5v LR20 Backup Batteries, Two Power Settings. 1KM- 23KM Distance

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High Performance White Fence Tape by Fenceman

High Performance White Fence Tape

High quality electric fence tape with long life stainless steel wire.
Available in 12.5mm, 20mm and 40mm.

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Fence Posts by Fenceman

Fence Posts

35" Poly Post 7 Loop in White.
Twenty per box.

53" Poly Post 8 Loop White.
Twenty Per Box

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Gate Handle by Fenceman

Gate Handle

Insulated handle with internal spring tension, Available in Black, Pink, Purple & Blue

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Standard Ring Tape Insulator by Fenceman

Standard Ring Tape Insulator

Standard Ring Tape Insulator  Pack of 25 (61750)

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Nail On Wire Insulator by Fenceman

Nail On Wire Insulator

Nail On Wire Insulator Pack of 50 (15302)

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Nail on Tape Insulator by Fenceman

Nail on Tape Insulator

Nail on Tape Insulator Pack of 25 (15466)

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Tape Connectors by Fenceman

Tape Connectors

20mm Connectors - To connect 12.5mm to 20mm Tape.
40mm Connectors - To connect 12.5mm or 20mm Tape, to 40mm Tape.

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End Strainer by Fenceman

End Strainer

Pack of 6. Code 55441
For permanant fencing using tape 20mm - 40mm

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