NAF Electro Salts by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Electro Salts

A 1kg tub fed at 30g per day will last up to 33 days.
A balanced combination of the four essential salts in a glucose base for easy absorption. This dietetic is formulated to replace salts lost in sweat resulting from exertion, particularly in hot weather.

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NAF EnerG Shot by Natural Animal feeds

NAF EnerG Shot

EnerG Shot is a concentrated nutritional blend of essential amino acids and bio-available iron to support energy metabolism, red blood cell production and to help replace sweat losses. It comes in an easy to administer syringe, making it easy to feed when most needed.

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Liquid Iron by Gold Label

Liquid Iron

A nutritional liquid supplement for horses and ponies.Contains 33% more Iron than competitive products and maintains the quality of blood.

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Naf Superflex Senior 660g by Natural Animal feeds

Naf Superflex Senior 660g

NAF Five Star Superflex Senior provides key joint support nutrients for the horse. Five Star treatment for healthy, flexible senior joints!

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Naf Electro Lytes 1L

Naf Electro Lytes 1L

Electro Lytes is an easy to use liquid designed to replace the four essential body salts which may be lost through exercise, sweating or during hot weather.

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