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NAF 5 Star Laminaze by Natural Animal feeds

NAF 5 Star Laminaze

A 750g pot fed at 25g per day will last 30 days
Correct feed and a disciplined management are vital if your horse or pony is prone to Laminitis, but on their own they are not always enough. Laminaze is a unique blend of naturally sourced antioxidants combined with key gut support, bio-available sulphur and targeted nutrients, in a palatable formula tomaintain hoof health and improve his diet and lifestyle

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NAF Mint 500g by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Mint 500g

100% pure to maintain appetite and healthy digestion
500g fed at 5g per day will last 100 days.

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NAF Garlic by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Garlic

100% pure for support to the immune system
1kg refill bag.
fed at 36g daily 

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NAF Minty Treats by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Minty Treats

NAF Minty Treats are 100% natural and have been formulated, combining only the best quality ingredients, including real peppermint so that you are now able to offer your horse a healthy and delicious treat.
NAF Minty Treats are highly palatable and smell delicious to appeal to both you and your horse.
NAF Minty Treats are ideal to feed everyday or just now and again as a reward, as a training aid or simply to let him know how much you love him.

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NAF Molasses 5 litre by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Molasses 5 litre

Premium grade, low sugar blend.

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NAF Omega Oil by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Omega Oil

A 2L container fed at 30ml per day will last 66 days.
†superior blend, including Hemp Oil.

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NAF Seaweed 2 kilo by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Seaweed 2 kilo

2kg fed at 50g per day will last 40 days.
A pure, natural source of vitamins & minerals necessary for good general health.

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Cod Liver Oil by Gold Label

Cod Liver Oil

A veterinary mixture of Cod Liver Oil, Marine Oils and pure Vegetable Oil. A stabilised source of vitamins needed for general health and condition. Ideal for show stock, young and pregnant animals. An energy source which reduces dust and also improves the palatability of feed.

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Garlic Powder by Gold Label

Garlic Powder

A calibrated amount of Pure Garlic in a cereal base. Garlic has been shown to help maintain clear respiration. Use for competition horses is recommended. Pure Chinese Garlic contains a higher proportion of Allicin due to slow drying. Oil based preparations which are produced using heat are less effective and do not have the same activity. Our Garlic contains a scientifically calibrated amount of Chinese Garlic for your horse. Horses find this formulation much more palatable than pure Garlic and has the advantage of having a much higher Allicin ingredient than pure Garlic. Does not solidify in storage

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