The Polite Range

Polite Aspey Winter Jackey by Equisafety

Polite Aspey Winter Jackey

Brilliant Hi Viz winter jacket, that really makes drivers slow down and think. They are fully waterproof and toasty and warm for hacking in the lovely British winter.

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Polite Waistcoat by Equisafety

Polite Waistcoat

Colour: Yellow Blue/White Check
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
The POLITE Reflective Waistcoat has been proven time and time again that it really does slow the traffic down. Due t

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Polite Hat Band by Equisafety

Polite Hat Band

We have never come across a riding hat that it does not fit. It has elastic in two parts which means it fits most hat sizes. †Itís great to be seen over hedges in the summer. On the inside is a sticky rubber that grips onto the hat, to

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Polite Leg Boots by Equisafety

Polite Leg Boots

They are made from a strong and durable yet soft high visibility waterproof fabric with a 2" reflective chequered band stitched on top of each boot. †These boots have been tested by Endurance and Trec riders as well as our own

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Polite Summer Wraparound Sheet by Equisafety

Polite Summer Wraparound Sheet

Sizes: Pony 5'3"-5'9",  Cob 6'0"-6'3", FS 6'6"-6'9", XFS 7'0"-7'6"

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Polite Winter Wraparound Sheet by Equisafety

Polite Winter Wraparound Sheet

Sizes: Pony 5'3"-5'9",† Cob 6'0"-6'3",† FS 6'6"-6'9",† XFS 7'0"-7'6"

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polite noseband by Equisafety

polite noseband

Colours: Blue/white

Sizes: One Size only

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Polite Neck Band by Equisafety

Polite Neck Band

If your horse has a high head carriage while out hacking we would advise you to wear a neck band because the horse's head may hide your jacket or waistcoat from cars coming from the front.††

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