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Winter Wraparound by Equisafety

Winter Wraparound

Sizes: Pony 5'3"-5'9",  Cob 6'0"-6'3",  FS 6'6"-6'9",  XFS 7'0"-7'6"Colours: Yellow, Pink. 100% W

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Polite Leg Boots by Equisafety

Polite Leg Boots

They are made from a strong and durable yet soft high visibility waterproof fabric with a 2" reflective chequered band stitched on top of each boot.  These boots have been tested by Endurance and Trec riders as well as our own

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Flashing Tail Guard by Equisafety

Flashing Tail Guard

Did you know that 33% accidents happen from behind? This nifty reflective design fits most horse’s tails, and is made from 100% quality neoprene. It does not slip off and is adjustable by velcro. This is a great piece of equipment for summe

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Flashing Arm or Leg Band by Equisafety

Flashing Arm or Leg Band

100% Fluorescent and Reflective, This is a very handy piece of kit, it can be used in many ways, it is designed for the riders outside leg/arm or the horses legs (brushing boots should be worn underneath for this style). It comes with a bat

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Flashing Attachment by Equisafety

Flashing Attachment

Available in Yellow or Pink
This flashing item can be fitted onto almost anything, Neck bands, Head collars, Bridals, Saddles, Belts, dog collars, kids school bags, bikes etc the list is endless. It is also sli

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Reflective Nose Band by Equisafety

Reflective Nose Band

The band is designed for reins, cheek pieces, nose and head band and carriage equipment. It can even be fitted onto a flash. We have also had customers use it on dog collars and leads.

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Ultratape Hi Viz Cloth Tape by Ultratape

Ultratape Hi Viz Cloth Tape

Multipurpose Hi Viz Fluorescent cloth tape 50mm x 20m

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Equisafety Noseband by Equisafety

Equisafety Noseband

Yellow, Pink One Size

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Hy Viz Leg Bands by Battles

Hy Viz Leg Bands

These leg boots are brilliant for that extra bit of high visability.

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