Leoveties Treats by Leovet

Leoveties Treats

Reward your horse with specially ripened fruits and tender flakes of grain in completely new blends fruity and flavoursome. The new leoveties are available in the varieties: - orange and oat flakes + Bio-Mos - mango, carrot and honey - apple and sallow thorn. Content: 1000g in a resealable bag.

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Treats by Gold Label


These treats are more than just a reward. Containing four herbs in a tasty nugget. Treats can also be used as a supplement to benefit your horse. Beneficial to teeth and gums.

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NAF Minty Treats by Natural Animal feeds

NAF Minty Treats

NAF Minty Treats are 100% natural and have been formulated, combining only the best quality ingredients, including real peppermint so that you are now able to offer your horse a healthy and delicious treat.
NAF Minty Treats are highly palatable and smell delicious to appeal to both you and your horse.
NAF Minty Treats are ideal to feed everyday or just now and again as a reward, as a training aid or simply to let him know how much you love him.

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Likit by Likit


650g Likit Assorted Flavours

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Little Likit by Likit

Little Likit

250g Little Likit Assorted Flavours

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Likit Treat Bar by Likit

Likit Treat Bar

Assorted box of 24 Likit Treat Bars

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Likit Holder by Likit

Likit Holder

Likt Holders come in Blue,Red,Purple,Glitter Pink and Clear Glitter

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FODDER BRIC by Gold Label


Unmollased Timothy Grass or Pure Alfalfa(lucerne)

Compressed forage nutrients & boredom buster

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S421 Horsey Ball by W B Stubbs

S421 Horsey Ball

Colours Blue, Pink, Purple
The simplest and most robust ball on the market, there is just one hole which capably handles easy filling and slow discharge.

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