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OEJumbo Event Watch by Optimum Time

OEJumbo Event Watch

The Ultimate Event Stop Watch with plenty of feautures!
Available in Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Pink, Green and Red.

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EL Road Studs by Strolmsholm Studs

EL Road Studs

Small stud with tungsten pin suitable for road work.

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H Studs by Strolmsholm Studs

H Studs

Medium stud for good ground with tungsten pin.

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L Studs by Strolmsholm Studs

L Studs

Small square stud with tungsten pin.

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Round Jump Studs by Strolmsholm Studs

Round Jump Studs

Small pointed stud for firm ground

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Stud Presentation Box by Strolmsholm Studs

Stud Presentation Box

Includes 12 studs - wire brush / pick - 3/8 spanner tap - 20 rubber stoppers

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TSH Standard Jump Stud by Strolmsholm Studs

TSH Standard Jump Stud

Very pointed stud with tungsten pin for hard ground.

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NEW Brushing Boot Fleece by NEW Equine Wear

NEW Brushing Boot Fleece

Colours : Black, White
Sizes : Small - Medium - Med/Wide - Large (front & hind)Supreme comfort with unique internal strike pad, which absorbs shock but cannot become unstitched. Deep, soft, quick drying fleece lining for

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NEW Brushing Boots Lite by NEW Equine Wear

NEW Brushing Boots Lite

Colour : Black
Sizes : Small - Medium - Med/Wide - Large (all size fit front & hind legs)Extremely hard wearing, yet soft pliable with orthopaedic foam lining.

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