Polite Summer Wraparound Sheet by Equisafety

Polite Summer Wraparound Sheet
Sizes: Pony 5'3"-5'9", Cob 6'0"-6'3", FS 6'6"-6'9", XFS 7'0"-7'6"
The rug is made from a wickable fabric, designed to keep your horse cooler in the summer whilst keeping the biting flies off.
This tough performance fabric is built for abuse, it provides durability and increases abrasion and snag/pick resistance in a soft breathable fabric whilst maintaining a excellent after wash appearance.

The rug is 360 degrees reflective and fluorescent EN1150 and EN471 performance fabric are used to guarantee the highest performance. The fully adjustable chest protector is fitted at the top of the pommel area so that it does not get in the way of the horse's movement, it is also detachable. The rug can be used without the saddle and very handy for long reining or leading horses, you just use a surcingle instead.

Our rugs are cut very generously in depth to fit the largest of horses bottoms. The unique exclusive designed girth slits guarantee 100% the rug will not slip. A fillet string is attached at the back to make sure it does not blow up in the strongest of winds.
At the front and back we have added webbing straps for our flashing attachments, for the riders who have to hack in the dark.

Machine washable at 30 degrees
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